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    Re: Should we get Matt Schaub?

    I like Schaub.

    He doesn't have a great arm...probably the main reason he lasted till the 3rd round was his arm.

    I don't know what I'd give up for him. I wouldn't give up probably what the Falcons want for him.

    I don't think a trade is a good idea at this point.

    As for the draft, I would want to draft a QB at some point, but not high. Maybe real late on day one or day 2...somebody like Jordan Palmer, John Beck or Chris Leak. Guys that have obvious flaws but that's what you get this late in the draft.

    We need OL in the worst way...I also wouldn't mind a more versatile RB.

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    Re: Should we get Matt Schaub?

    Two problems with this thread. One, AD is a UFA and therefor can't be traded. Secondly, why would Matt Schaub want to come here?

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    Re: Should we get Matt Schaub?

    And third, what the hell could Schaub do anyway?


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