And if so, what would you give up for him?

Obviously we're in a tough situation with that. I think we won't do it, but I'd really like to see it. If McNair shows trouble playing and loses his touch to "come back" from the deficits, then we're in the same spot we were last year with Boller. On top of that, we need someone for the future, and I don't think anyone here wants to give Boller another shot just because he got to watch McNair play for a little while.

Schaub has shown a lot in the limitted playing time he's had. He doesn't look like a world beater, but what he can do is manage the game very efficiently. He can move the ball and he doesn't make mistakes.

And that's all we need. Our running game is adequate and our receivers are finally good. If we had a QB that could manage a game well, our offense could be generating 24ish PPG. With our defense, that's all we need.

What would I give up to get him? Tough decision, especially since we already gave up a 4th rounder for McNair. Atl needs receivers, which we certainly aren't going to give. We have a lot of depth at LB and DL which is an area Atl could use. Who could we afford to give?

Adalius (Mike Smith takes his place)? That'd probably be a pretty fair trade, actually.

Franklin and a 3rd rounder?

Something else?

- C -