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    D-Line Substitutions 10/9

    The active "heavies" (excluding AD, since he lines up all over) for the Broncos were Ngata, Gregg, Bannan, Franklin, Johnson, Pryce, and Suggs.

    The Ravens used primarily 4 heavy sets, going with 5 heavies just 13 times in 53 Denver offensive plays (includes 2 accepted penalties, but excludes 2 kneel downs) after using 24 5-heavy sets against the Chargers. Plays by heavy:
    Ngata: 25
    Gregg: 42
    Bannan: 18
    Franklin: 18
    Johnson: 28
    Pryce: 35
    Suggs: 51

    Some observations:
    1. Suggs was termed as "available only for pass rush situations" before the game, but played 51 of the 53 plays. He certainly looked fine to me, forcing a fumble, registering a PD, and contributing 4 tackles.
    2. Ngata had his best game to date. He only was in for 25 snaps and registered 5 tackles. The Broncos had 13 carries for 40 yards (3.1) with Ngata in, and 15 for 76 (5.1) with him out. He has delivered on the draft pick thus far.
    3. Franklin appears to have won the last DT backup spot from Edwards. He also played well, registering 3 tackles in just 18 plays.
    4. The passing down specialist group (Johnson, Suggs, Pryce) was on for only 9 plays.

    If you'd like a copy of the excel spreadsheet I use to track this, please message me with an email address.

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    Re: D-Line Substitutions 10/9

    Awesome statistics! Thanks alot.

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    Re: D-Line Substitutions 10/9

    These reports are great, Filmstudy. Keep em' coming.

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    I love your statistics, Filmstudy. I love D-Line play and it is great that you track these things down.

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    Re: D-Line Substitutions 10/9

    Y'all have way too much time on your hands! I was busy at happy hour at the Blue Ox!

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    There is another theory which states that this - has - already - happened…

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    Re: D-Line Substitutions 10/9

    Quality post!

    But how many plays did Dwan Edwards get? :grbac:

    If had panned out maybe we wouldn't have drafted Ngata and we could have picked up replacement for Flynn.


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    Re: D-Line Substitutions 10/9

    Do you have anything on the OL proficiency? Great thread and info. You are a part of what makes this board great.
    It's a new season! It's a new day!

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    Re: D-Line Substitutions 10/9

    The O-Line spreadshet will be my next project. It's actually a lot easier since there is little substitution on the O-Line. I am currently working on enhancements that will allow automatic calculation of yards per rush, yards per pass, etc. for each player. I had to do the above calculations for Ngata by hand.

    To answer the other question, Edwards was inactive and has been for the last 3 games. He appears to have lost the last D-Line sub spot to Franklin, who has played decently.

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    Re: D-Line Substitutions 10/9

    Nice work FS. PM coming with my email addy...

    - C -

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    Re: D-Line Substitutions 10/9

    Another thank you for sharing this stuff


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