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    My week 6 lineup, WR problem...

    QB: Rex-stasy (leinart benched)
    WR: Tory Holt, TO, Burress, Muhammad (Please tell me which one to bench...)
    RB: Tomlinson, McAllister (Maroney, Jones-Drew with bye weeks)
    TE: Heap
    K: Gould (chicago) (J.Brown Seattle, benched)
    Def: San Diego (Balt benched)

    So now...who the heck do I bench at WR?!

    Holt, TO, Burress, Muhammad. Right now, I am going with benching Muhammad because Berrian is the go-to guy on that offense right now. That seem like a good play?

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    Re: My week 6 lineup, WR problem...

    Bench Muhammed, no doubt.

    Burress and Holt should be starts almost every week. I'd look for TO to have a big game against Houston, too.

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    Re: My week 6 lineup, WR problem...

    I agree bench Muhammad

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    Re: My week 6 lineup, WR problem...

    Well, turns out that whoever the hell i play, burress or muhammad won't matter.

    Holt, TO, and LT each have 3 TDs.

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    Re: My week 6 lineup, WR problem...

    Yeah, you should set a points record for your league regardless of whether Burress or Muhammad was the choice. You could bench the two Bears remaining and still beat any other team you're likely to line up against this week. Kudos.


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