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    Quote Originally Posted by ExiledRaven View Post
    Edit: I found some Dixon footage and I'm liking him a bit more than before. You really need to watch some film before you dismiss the guy.

    1: he's got a gear Vinsanity doesn't have:

    2: Check out the balls around :32 and 3:00. I was pretty impressed at how well he hit those targets downfield.

    We'll see, like I said, still lots of football left to play in both the college season and in the nfl.
    He's one of the fastest guys on the field.......

    Speaking of throwing it, thats when I fell in love with Dixon was during that Michigan game! Like you said, he has the ability to throw the ACCURATE bomb and run for a 40 yard or more gain!!! He had a great game yesterday against Arizona St and is being mentioned as a Heisman Trophy hopeful, which may raise him over some of the better known QB's in the draft!

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    Re: Face Facts

    No doubt, I think we'll get more Kool-Aid drinkers after that game. Highlights don't do justice to the way Dixon is able to hide the ball on everything from play action to statue of liberty to the option.

    And if you want to say Dixon threw the ball badly in the second half, that's simply not true. #4 Williams....really. He dropped a PERFECT deep ball and three other passes which is the primary reason the Duck offense stalled. Even with those 4 drops, 13/22. Pretty solid and he sat out much of the 4th.

    We'll see here, still lots of college football left along with the combine and hell, what will the ravens record be and will there be a front office or coach shakeup?

    Still, I feel good saying I'd want Dixon if the Ravens pick a QB early.

    For you non-watchers:

    Here is a feature article from SI:

    EDIT: Jackpot on highlights
    stanford game:
    Fresno state game:
    Washington game:
    Michigan game:
    USC game:
    Cal game:
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