For one its very easy to circumvent things on ebay, If you sell, only list section and row number. Then the pats or whoever cant tell who it is selling. Im sure stubhub could say that info is private information and we cant give out who is selling the tickets.

Also yes it sucks to pay $400 for a $100 ticket to see the ravens v patriots game...BUT thats what the market asks for. If you want, buy psl's and get tickets yourself. When the team is doing good, prices go high, tickets are sold out, and people who cant get tickets complain. You see people complainig about the orioles tickets on ebay?? nope...

Its like selling your vintage car for book value even though the demand says you can get alot more for it, you sell for what people pay for it. If i put 2 hannah montana tickets on ebay right now for $10 the price would skyrocket up to $200+, is that the fault of the seller?

p.s. yes city scalping code is within 1 mile for the stadium its illegal, otherwise its fine.