I was listening to the "Ray Lewis Show" on Monday night and the un-informed Anita Marks brought up a comment that the Ravens have only faced ONE starting Quarter Back this seasons. She says that it was Carson Palmer in week one and I'll give her that one but I think she missed two others. Last time I checked we did face Matt Lineart in the Arizona game. Yes he didn't play the whole game but he did start and was pulled for the trick play known as Kurt Warner and the hurry up offense.

And when we played the Browns we lost to Derrick Anderson who last time I checked was the starter for the Browns. When Fry was booted in the middle of thier first game and then traded the next day this makes Derrick Anderson the starter. Again, last time I checked the Browns depth chart it shows Anderson #1 and Quinn #2...no one ahead of Anderson.

Out of the first six games we've faced 3 startes and 3 backups that have started the game. This weekend will be another backup QB for us to face.

After the Bye-Week we'll be facing Rothlisburger, Palmer, Anderson, Rivers, Brady, P. Manning in what will be some very fast paced games by offenses that move the ball downfiled and score within the 20. I hope the Bye-Week helps with the injuries for the Ravens and helps with the winning durring what will be a very tough stretch of games.