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Thread: Is it me?

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    Re: Is it me?

    Quote Originally Posted by bobw2829 View Post
    Please don't compare last year to this year until we are at least half way through the season. It's still way to early to predict where the Ravens will end up this year.

    Only thing I've got to say about Boller vs. McNair. When McNair is hit and falls to the ground he is helped up by his teammates. Can't say the same for Boller. What does that tell you?
    Uhmmm... So when someone says it is a fact that Boller would be 2-3 in these last five games, that's acceptable?

    Now for the second part. That tells me you don't watch a whole lot of Ravens games or football in general. Hey, you asked.:D

    "And how many of those games did Boller play in? He's the one QB last year that DID lead a comeback."

    The answer is two, I believe. There were four games that Boller started and finished where the final score was decided by less than a TD. Boller won two of those and lost two of them.
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    "A moron, a rapist, and a Pittsburgh Steeler walk into a bar. He sits down and says, Hi Im Ben may I have a drink please?

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    Re: Is it me?

    This is why McNair had nobody open most of the game to throw to.
    Excuses, excuses......

    Receivers were open all over the field throughout the game, and he generally had ample time. Perhaps you couldn't see it on TV. It was obvious in the stadium. McNair seemed to just lock on his primary receiver, forcing the ball without enough zip on the first two interceptions.

    Hopefully, he plays a better game tomorrow.

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    Re: Is it me?

    No one has commented on how the Denver game witnessed a major change by a team in their defensive strategy in playing the Ravens. The Broncos played mostly to stop the passing game, daring the Ravens to run. This is why McNair had nobody open most of the game to throw to.
    BWAHAHAHAHAHAH. You've got to be kidding me., McNair threw 3 picks and had a QB rating worse than Boller's Denver game last year. I'm thinking this is not really the place you want to keep trying to shove the anti-Boller stuff in.

    Funny how last year Jamal's inability to run was never a factor in 2005's 6-10 season. But all of a sudden Jamal's the main reason we lost the game last week?

    It's all too predictable, but still funny.
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    Re: Is it me?

    but played the worst game I have ever witnessed any Ravens QB play.
    You mean unlike last Sunday when you saw the best road game the Ravens ever played??

    How bad would he have been if Denver had been playing the pass most of the time like McNair?

    I shudder to think about it but the game would have likely been a blowout by Denver.
    Ya know that the Ravens only scored 3 points last week, right?

    Hint: You're losing this arguement Oldtex. And you don't have a good example to back you up.

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    Re: Is it me?

    Good lord...not again...

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    Re: Is it me?

    You're losing this arguement Oldtex.

    Stinger: I'll have to put the "Mod" hat on for a minute, since the rest of them are likely still in Lot J finishing off the food & beer. Let's keep Old-What's-His-Name out of this this. New board & fresh start, we can discuss our QB preferences w/o discussing the opponents in the debate!


    Now ..... back to the debate! :grbac:

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    Re: Is it me?

    Knock Boller however much....I thought he did well after not playing at all coming in and being effective. Yeah, he threw the pick, but still, remember how cold he used to be starting off?

    Really seemed to get things somewhat on track today. Yeah, he overthrew a bit, but it's given me a lot of hope, even with the insane amount of luck. I always hoped Kyle would play well, and honestly, it's killing me to see Leftwich and Grossman be so good, then to watch eli and rivers play very well in general.

    If Boller can start the next game and can get a 60% completion rate 250+ yards, and get the offense to score 3+ TDs...then I say full-blown QB controversy.

    However, I doubt Boller will play the next game.

    Mostly, I think we need to play offense gloves off. Let the offense loose, attack the D, stomp all over them. If they can't stop the passes to heap over the middle, smack them over the middle with heap until it doesn't work.

    Why we turn away from what we're doing well in a game baffles me. Delhomme went after Rolle all game because it was working. Why can't we stick with what is clearly driving the offense down the field?

    Finally, I am sick of the excuses and justifications for McNair and bashing and blaming Boller for the same exact event. McNair's done well on some comeback wins, but to say he's led the offense to improvement is a flat out lie.

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    Re: Is it me?

    Sorry T. But don't worry. I've taken care of that issue. You won't have anymore of that.

    However, I doubt Boller will play the next game.
    He can't. Not because of today or anything else. Steve McNair was brought in to be the starter, and he was paid royally to do so. Like I said before, someone would have to square that with Stevie B. When McNair is healthy, he'll start again.

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    Re: Is it me?

    right, that's kind of my point.

    I hope McNair can get something going


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