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Gee, what do you know.

Excuses made for Boller.

pp, I just want to ask, at what point is the OLine play so bad that is becomes a valid reason rather than an excuse?

Because for several games that McNair has started I've heard the Haters claim McNair played poorly because of bad OLine play. Those are also the games where they kept the DLine off McNair and zero sacks were recorded.

Boller plays last week and we actually have practice squad players trying to block real NFL players. I think the line had 3 rookies, two 2 year men and a practice squad guy. This results in Boller literally having his own lineman just pushed into him as he's trying to throw.

The game announcers, local media, players and coaches all comment during and after the game about how badly the OLine play was.

So when are we allowed to use this as a reason for a poor pass?