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    Re: Webmaster Here -- I Am Sorry!!!

    This place is 150% better than YBR.

    But I cant go 2 days without hearing what my fellow Ravens fans think, especially after a tough loss.

    Even if it was on the "Crayon" forum.
    "This year, our attitude when we’re on the field is we’re attacking, we want to put points on the board and then let our defense pin their ears back and have at it."
    -Mark Clayton

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    Re: Webmaster Here -- I Am Sorry!!!

    I don't see any need to diss another Ravens board guys. I still belong to that board as well as many others here. There is good and bad everywhere. The new mods over there are making a sincere effort to clean up the mess left to them. The board rules are pretty much identical, here and there. We all love the team, let's save the digs for the opposing teams.

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    Re: Webmaster Here -- I Am Sorry!!!

    Not for nothing Larry, but we did not just leave a mess over there. We stuck around voluntarily to keep order until the new peeps took over. Just so ya know
    Screw 'em all

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    Re: Webmaster Here -- I Am Sorry!!!

    ladyraven127, Sorry, I just saw your message and wanted to respond. I understand what happened with the moderator transitions over there. I wasn't making a negative statement about the former moderators, I have always thought you guys did a wonderful (& impossible) job and said so on many occasions. I just think the problem over there is that there weren't enough moderators to handle the size of the throng. We're cool here, we seem to have more moderators than regular posters.

    Thanks again --to all of you.


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