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    We Shouldn't Be Surprised about Pittsburgh

    The steelers loss last night and rapid decline shouldn't come as that great of a surprise.

    Its been part of a league pattern over the past several years where the loser of the Super Bowl has had a poor year.

    The Steelers DID lose the Super Bowl -- it just happened that they were able to get the refs on their side so that they became the official winners as opposed to the team that played the poorest.

    Here's to beating the Squeelers twice this year!!

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    Re: We Shouldn't Be Surprised about Pittsburgh

    Not too Many of the Legit winners do well the folowing year either! The stoolerz really thought they'd be the exception!:insane: The Ravens BULLRUSHED thro' the playoffs and the SB... but the following year? Not so much! The pigsburg squealerz struggled, should have lost the sb... this is No surprise except to the urinetowel waverz!!

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    Re: We Shouldn't Be Surprised about Pittsburgh

    I would love a sweep,plus a good beaten in our house is always nice.
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