In decreasing order of probability

1. That the young O-line is given a chance to play together (e.g., Flynn sits down for 2 games) and we see what a really athletic line can do -- the future of the line is now! If Chester gets a couple of games at center, Mike Flynn may never start again.

2. That McNair rests for the next 2 games (and the bye) so that we can heal his groin injury once and for all

3. That Samari Rolle is recovered enough from the side-effects of his neurologic medication

3. That we stick to the run -- and let McGahee be the 3rd down back on occasion as well

4. That enough players come back so that we can let Rhys Lloyd kickoff and really get the field position game back.

5. That we take a chance or 2 on the play calling -- passes over 20 yards and different play calling in the redzone.

6. That New England loses soon so that I don't have to see that smirk on Tom Brady's face again.