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Thread: Samari Rolle

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    Re: Samari Rolle

    Quote Originally Posted by Rochardrik View Post
    Call me a jerk, but the word is moot, not mute. Evidently, many people don't know that, or it would not crop up so much!
    Maybe he meant the person was quiet? ;)

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    Re: Samari Rolle

    Quote Originally Posted by camdenyard View Post
    Vertigo is frequently a symptom of a another condition.

    - C -

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    What a good laugh reading all of this mess. I can not beleive in 2 days it has gone from AIDS to Vertigo. I doubt we will ever know what "illness" he is suffering from. I just hope he is feeling better and can make it out on the feild this weekend!

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    Re: Samari Rolle

    I normally give people the benefit of the doubt, but this yeahravens guy seems like a loose canon...:grbac:

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    Re: Samari Rolle

    I read this article today, and ran across this comment. Read under "Billick has Brains.:

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    Re: Samari Rolle

    What a great find ravenwoman. Terrific little article, hitting several nails on the head with one blow.

    Thanks for the link!

    His definitions and arguments were so clear in his own mind that he was unable to understand how any reasonable person could honestly differ with him.

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    Re: Samari Rolle

    I don't know where he came up with this "heart ailment" idea, but that sounds like pure speculation disguised as inside information. If he actually knew that was the problem, do you really think he would mention it so casually?


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