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  1. What's with this story on PressBox?

    In the NFL, teams play a cross-conference opponent just once every four years and once at home every eight years. Because of the infrequent meetings with NFC teams, the Ravens' inter-conference games are harder to predict than usual.
    Huh? We played NFC teams last year and we play them this year. In fact, we play two NFC teams at home this year.

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    Re: What's with this story on PressBox?

    Yes, but the 2 we play at home this year we will see on the road in 4 years, and once again at home in 8 years. We see 4 of the 16 teams every year. 2 at home and 2 on the road, with the rotation we very rarely see a team. I think this is the point, regarding a team specifically and not the NFC in general.

  3. Re: What's with this story on PressBox?

    That makes more sense. In the meantime, I hope PressBox hires a new copy editor.


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