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  1. Last Night's Game of the Week on NFL Network..

    The Raven's vs Charges was GREAT They did a great job with the production and I really enjoyed the sound bites! But watching lastnight, I did notice one real BIG problem with our offense....Mike Flynn I like Mike and I am not meaning for this to be negative, but he was getting BLOWN Up quite a bit right at the line of scrimmage:grbac: Steve had someone in his face the whole night No wonder McNair is having difficulties with our offense....

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    Re: Last Night's Game of the Week on NFL Network..

    Yeah I woke up to the game this morning and while I was half asleep watching when the last drive came I jumped up and was wide awake.Was cool listening to the other announcers and their perspective and I actually am a little more confident about Denver with all the oppurtunities to score we blew in the game last week.

    The one play on the last drive that is the epitomy of the uselessness of Mike Flynn was the 3 yd pass to Mason on the first play of the drive.The announcers correctly pointed out that it would have been a 10 yd loss instead of a 3 yd gain,because Flynn got ran over right arter the snap and Mac9 didnt have time to even drop back much less get that pass off.

    McNair seems to fit this Oline perfectly because he will stand in there and deliver with a 300lb lineman about to plant him into the ground,which Im sure we will see ALOT more of in the games to come as long as "Welcome Mat" Flynn is playing.

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    Re: Last Night's Game of the Week on NFL Network..

    He must have a rocket scientist's mastery of all the offensive line calls that we can't see since that's always being brought up by Billick as the reason why he still deserves the starting position


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