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    Re: OT - College Football Opener

    Quote Originally Posted by mmi16 View Post
    The 'Ol'ball Coach' not happy!
    I was not too fond of the Ol' Ball Coach, his history with the Redskins and all, but tonight he earned my respect. When interviewed at half time, he said "We are getting our butts kicked. We are being out-blocked, out-tackled, and out-coached. Those guys know what they are doing." How often you see a honest response like this. I thought it was classy.

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    Re: OT - College Football Opener

    Quote Originally Posted by SugarRay52 View Post
    Do you think Hill can potentially be better than Johnny from a true QB standpoint? (pocket presence etc..) Johnny is special from a play making standpoint.
    Way too early to tell. The thing about that system is there isn't much of a system. A smart and athletic QB is going to do very well because he has all the weapons and is allowed to create. That's why the transition for any of these guys into the NFL is going to be very rough
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