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Thread: OT - Madden 15

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    Re: OT - Madden 15

    Got it yesterday. Very impressed with it so far.


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    Re: OT - Madden 15

    I have it. The gameplay is better and you can aim. I have only done drills though, but have been impressed, and you can choose the type of pass, which means hopefully Flacco won't just pass bullett passes through the other teams entire defense. Pass Rush is also more involved.
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    Re: OT - Madden 15

    I like it alot. It seems like all pro difficulty is solid. All madden I can't stop anyone on d. Well see how it plays against friends tho

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    Re: OT - Madden 15

    One thing I've missed over the years is some sort of tournament mode. Maybe I'm alone in this... I don't necessarily want an on-line tourney but an off-line 4 or 8 man tourney bracket. And NOT using the NFL teams and rosters... You used to be able to create 8 custom (and equal) teams with default rosters and then set up an 8 team bracket. By doing this you left the game play up to the user, not Cavin Johnson... lol.

    I would have a Madden Party on the morning of Superbowl Sunday... I would create 8 custom teams for each friend. And we would play all day and the Final would be after the Superbowl.

    Now it's so convoluted with creating teams on the EA website and importing onto the PS System. Nothing ever worked and EA is terrible at supporting that shit.


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