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Thread: The WTF Trade

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    Re: The WTF Trade

    No surprise here

    Report: Tom Brady was “very upset” with Logan Mankins deal

    Over the years, Tom Brady has taken less money than he could have made, in order to keep trusted parts around him.

    And he didn’t say much about it in the past, as he was left with a bunch of receivers who remember watching him as kids.

    But this time might be different.

    According to Jason Cole of Bleacher Report, Brady was “very upset” with the trade of Logan Mankins, adding that “he was not happy with the move.”

    Trading Mankins to the Buccaneers was a completely mercenary move, after asking the Pro Bowl guard to take a pay cut before shipping him out.

    And that’s all within the realm of doing business, until it infringes on the trust Brady has put in the team by working his numbers around those of others.
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    Re: The WTF Trade

    Sounds like Mankins got beat out of his job....?
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    Re: The WTF Trade

    So I talked to a Patriot fan co-worker of mine. He was pretty happy with the trade. Said primary reason was the free up cap space to resign other players whose contracts are coming up in the next couple of years. Also that Mankins has not been as good as he was in the past. Still good in the run game but pretty poor in pass protection.


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