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  1. Me Thinks Trevor Pryce....

    is going to have a field day with Jake the Mistake He knows their O-linemen and he is still a bit pissed because of Denver's handling of him and his position...I think Plummer will be like a bobblehead in the back of a 1969 Impala driving down the streets of B-more's finest roads Just call it a hunch ........

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    Re: Me Thinks Trevor Pryce....

    Pryce will be primed for revenge, and he does know their o-line, however thier o-line knows him too. Should be interesting.

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    Re: Me Thinks Trevor Pryce....

    Ngata will continue to mature this week...hope that thin air doesn't make him light-headed...

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    Re: Me Thinks Trevor Pryce....

    Pryce has played great this season.

    Just watch him for a few series and you'll see why we signed him.


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    Re: Me Thinks Trevor Pryce....

    I really think having Pryce and Anderson will help us this week playing against the Broncos.

    It would be nice to see Anderson get some playing time on Monday night.

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    Re: Me Thinks Trevor Pryce....

    I won't say that Pryce will have a field day, because I think his job is to free up the double teams on Suggs and be strong in run support. He wasn't signed so we have two dominating pass rushers.

    That said, I expect him to have a great return to Denver.
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