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    Re: KJ shows off hands (vid)

    Quote Originally Posted by Ngata_Ate_My_Lunch View Post
    Great video!

    If the kid can run block he's got the talent to exploit an under appreciated position in today's era of the game.
    More importantly, can he pass block? What supposedly caught the Ravens' eyes was what he showed in pass protection at the Senior Bowl year before last. If that can be translated to the pros, KJ can be dangerous as heck as a threat to slide out of the backfield, take a swing pass & flatten a few defenders before going down. If not...where's his role?
    It's "You's check" I think.
    "Yoosh-chick" is about as close as you can get to the original Polish without being Polish; IIRC Kyle says "Use-check", "use" the noun not the verb (soft s). But as long as they're calling his number I doubt he much cares how they pronounce the name.
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    Re: KJ shows off hands (vid)

    According to this old scouting report KJ can run block. He's a good lead blocker who runs lows and looks to knock guys off their feet on every play.


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