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    US Military to turn away 2/3 of America's youth as recruits

    For things like obesity, high blood pressure, prescription drugs, hyper activity, records, lack of hi school diploma and being just plain derelics but 2/3 of the youth are like that? And get this, even tattoos. Now most military guys get tattoos. Guys have USMC put on the arm or the 101st Airborne or Big Red 1 and stuff like that but they don't like tattoos of fishes as in the article. A gal was told to come back when after removing it. Two offices said that.

    Just about everyone has tattoos and a lot of them. I asked guy in the gym how much he paid for all his and said he paid $10,000 for the ones all over his back, stomach, arms and legs. I was having trouble deciding if I should buy a $3,000 bed but when he said that I got the bed.

    The Army drafted me in Vietnam and I was a big heavy dude over 200 lbs but
    within their limit. 210 was the most allowed for me.

    YO SOLO - Someone on the board where I found this said his nephews were having trouble getting into the Navy. Said they're being very picky right now.
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