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    Blue State Blues: Congratulations to the legal immigrants

    As OBY sends the message that illegal immigration is OK and you can stay, congratulations to the ones that did it right. These are the ones we love so much. They over came so much to come here and do it right and they are succeeding because they have come this far. They obeyed the law and they took the test and they survived the bureaucratic ordeal.

    The rule of law is what makes America great. Our new fellow Americans have continued that greatness by doing things the right way.

    My first job was with the Federal Court System downtown. I sat in front of the courtroom in what we called under the bench and was there when VP Agnew pled nolo and resigned in disgrace. I participated in a little part of history that day. On Fridays we had naturalization ceremonies and it was one of the most impressive events I was ever associated with.

    There were about 40 people that were naturalized as I read the Oath of Allegiance and they repeated the words. They were so proud and so happy. Their families were there. I was proud to assist them.

    The most impressive ceremony was on 4th of July 1975 during our centennial celebrations at Ft McHenry and President Ford showed up and gave a speech and handed the certificates out.

    I was sitting on the stage with him all dressed up when a big wind came and blew the certificates on the ground. I jumped up and got them even got on my knees and grabbed them from under the stage and everyone cheered and applauded me. I was embarrassed.

    There were about 1,000 people there and the Prez said good job getting those certificates.

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