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    SC rules cops need warrants for cell phones

    WOW - In a 9-0 decision, the SC ruled that cops will need search warrants for cell phones. In the past they just needed probable cause like for cars, wallets and brief cases but cell phones are more complex. Of course, homes have always needed warrants and have been protected more than the person on the street. One was sentenced to 15 yrs after getting stopped for driving with expired license and cops found guns in the hood. Then they searched his cell phone and found what appeared to be mob contacts and he was taken in.

    No mas.

    Over 90% of Americans have smart phones and 58% have even more advance phones.

    Score a big one for the privacy groups as cops said their job just got more difficult. This decision was appealed from a lower decision that had nothing to do with the gov't wide use of eves dropping on its citizens.

    But how often has the SC been unanimous on something?

    Sounds like they're all getting along after the O BUMMER CARE decision-lol.
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