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    Re: Cantor defeated in primary by Tea Party

    Quote Originally Posted by wickedsolo View Post
    The GOP is all over the place.

    Poor leadership and too much inter-group squabbling. That's why Hillary will probably be President come 2016.
    You're probably right but I just threw up in my mouth.
    "Screw it, let's ride"!

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    Re: Cantor defeated in primary by Tea Party

    The poor leadership gets worse in 2016. Al Q will be dropping planes all over the place.

    Did anyone see where Hillary claimed they were broke when they left the Clinton White House due to Chelsea's education and this and that?

    We should all be this broke but think how worse the country's spending gets with her as the leader.

    Not mentioned in the link is the over $1M in profits she made when she invested $1G in the white water land deal when she was with the law firm.


    According to Mother Jones, just before she left the White House as first lady, Hillary was given an $8 million advance for her memoir Living History. The couple had also purchased two homes, one in Washington, D.C., and another in Chappaqua, New York, Time reports.

    Speaking engagements and books deals quickly began bringing in money. From from 2000 to 2007, the couple earned more than $109 million, according to an NPR report. A large portion of that income came from Bill's speaking engagements. Since leaving the White House, the former president reportedly has earned $106 million from speaking fees, a 2013 CNN report notes.

    In the last 15 months since Hilary left her post as secretary of state, she has made $5 million from a pricey speaking circuit.

    When asked how the American public might view her hefty price tag for speaking appearances (reportedly $200,000 apiece), Hillary told Sawyer, “I thought making speeches for money was a much better thing than getting connected with any one group or company as so many people who leave public life do.”
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    Re: Cantor defeated in primary by Tea Party

    Hulk Hogan for President, 2016.

    Disclaimer: The content posted is of my own opinion.

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