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    Cantor defeated in primary by Tea Party

    A stunning defeat of the Republican hierarchy sent waves of shock and fear through Congress on both sides of the aisle as the Tea Party is back. Eric Cantor the House Majority Whip was expected to rise to Speaker of the House if re-elected.

    Tea Partiers accused him of renegging on spending, debt and immigration - all conservative ideals. Speaking of spending, he was connected to the financial industry and spent $5M on the campaign while David Brat, a college professor spent around $122,000 to defeat him and it wasn't even close with Brat getting 56% of the vote to 44% for Cantor.

    The immigration bill was co-authored by Rubio and supported by many republicans, some whom are up for re-election.

    This could halt construction of a house immigration bill and could cause replublicans not to cooperate with Obummer.

    He was on 60 MINs couple of years ago and was grilled on Reagan when it was pointed out he raised taxes. He said no he didn't and his PR man yelled out no from off the camera.

    Leslie showed tape of Reagan saying he had to raise taxes. He didn't want to but everyone in his white house pressed him on it. He gave us the biggest tax cuts in history then took a third back by raising taxes 4 times in his first term and about 7 or 8 more times in his 2d term, something Cantor did not know.

    That's why H. Bush said read my lips, no new taxes but he renegged too and it cost him re-election.

    But the point is the Tea Party is back and speaking of spending, you should have seen his $1.5M office 60 Mins showed.
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