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    US Marine jailed in Mexico for gun smuggling

    This is really a stupid story almost related to the other one. A Marine returned from Afghanistan to his home in Florida and drove out to San Diego to be with a friend and start a new life.

    While driving thru the desert he made a wrong turn and ended up in Mexico. He couldn't turn around. So when they searched his truck he had 3 guns in the back. They were all registered to him.

    Authorities jailed him for gun smuggling but it was a mistake. They were his guns registered to him and in the back not hidden in caches or something. He tried to turn around but couldnt so now he's spent some time in a tough Mexican prison and even tried to kill himself.

    Family and friends are appealing to govt to bring him home because the entire incident was a mistake.

    I know these guys are soldiers but to drive across the country with fire arms?

    He had everything he owned in the world in the back of that truck.

    This story is as sad as it is stupid.

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    Re: US Marine jailed in Mexico for gun smuggling

    I hear the Marine is a Kubiak guy


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