Talk about a hornets nest. OBY really means good by this but can't even come off well when trying to do the right thing.

He just traded 5 top Taliban Commanders from Club Gitmo which he has been trying to close since day 1 for a soldier accused of being AWOL.

The Army thought he was kidnapped in the beginning and sent a platoon out to rescue him but they were wiped out. A surviving member was on TV and livid about going after him saying he deserted his post.

Some vids from Afghanistan say he is disillusioned with an American and being a US soldier. He walked off.

Then OBY makes the announcement in the Rose Garden with the soldier's parents and his father does some Allah praises which infuriated a lot of Americans. He was appealing to the Muslims and hasn't seen his son in two years.

This is a real hornets nest. Experts say the released prisoners will be back on the battlefield within the year while others say we will just get them again but this is a slap in the face to the CIA operatives that caught them in the beginning.

OBY is trying to do the right thing by bringing the American home but he's gonna be facing court martial charges once he's home.

BTW, if he did turn, why are they trading him? Why have then kept him under wraps all this time?