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    Re: Why Are We Drafting All These *(#$^& Defensive Players?!?!?

    We traded for Zuttah, signed Monroe to a huge contract, and got a solid number 2 and number 3 wide out in Smith and Jones. And a decent tight end in Daniels. It just makes no sense how people say we ignored the offense this offseason.

    Its more exciting to watch a dominant defense than a dominant offense, anyway. And you cant have both.

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    Re: Why Are We Drafting All These *(#$^& Defensive Players?!?!?

    I'm glad they're beefing up the D. Sick and tired of seeing teams run the ball down their throats, especially late in the game. Can't get off the field for shit. Build the defense - that's the key to winning the division and more. Anyone remember the total beat down that Seattle put on Denver, even with all their offensive weapons?

    Gimme that top defense baby!
    World Domination 3 Points at a Time!


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