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    Re: Who might we pick in round 2 (and round 3)?

    I just hope Nix gets past the Steelers.
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    Re: Who might we pick in round 2 (and round 3)?

    There is no FS, so it's a obvious need. They're going to have to address it somehow and FA does not appear to be a good option.

    Teams have been running on the defense for the past 2 years and they have ranked poorly. I don't like it. Don't be surprised if they pick up a DE with the departure of Jones. Last year they picked up Spears and Canty, so maybe they look for a FA again. Questions surround Williams and Tyson. Can Canty and Ngata stay healthy?

    Without knowing how they feel about the current OL roster they could pick someone sooner or later. Without a better OL it won't matter who's a pass catcher.

    Chances are Ozzie will get the BPA and even Ozzie won't know who he'll pick until teams in front of him make their selections.

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    Re: Who might we pick in round 2 (and round 3)?

    Like I been saying about Ozzie, what the fuck is he doing????? The players are good players he picked, but we need safety, offensive linemen, speedster receiver, and a big running back, so far i see SHIT! I hope we address these needs.


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