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I disagree that the NFL should "respect" the fans. The NFL doesn't owe any fan anything. If you don't like their practices than stop viewing their programs and stop spending your money on them. Just complaining comes off as childish IMO.
I don't know if I'd go as far to say they shouldn't respect the fans but I definitely agree they don't owe us anything other than the product they're providing.

Your sentiment is spot on though. If I go to a restaurant and I don't like the food, service, etc I don't spend my money there. I don't go to the owner expecting something more out of the deal. Personally, I could care less the reasons behind the schedule release being moved. Even with it moved to next week, there's still plenty of lead time to schedule trips for away games.

By and large, the league does a good job at listening to the fans. We see as much with their efforts to make the in game experience more attractive.