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Josh Gordon...200+ targets last year, hence the inflated stats. But if you want to crown him as an elite WR be my guest. It doesnt really matter, my point is that our system is not set up to produce those kind of numbers, which is why even when we have elite talent like Boldin it doesnt show up on the stat sheet.

Im sure if we got another elite receiver we would be better, theres no doubt about that...but who would we get? Who is available?
That's actually not correct at all. Gordon had 159 targets in 2013 with 87 receptions. Torrey had 139 targets with 65 receptions. While this isn't 100% accurate because targets do not take into consideration poor throws or disrupted throws (from my understanding), but that is more than a 10% difference in catch-to-target ratio between Gordon and Torrey.

If you can't look at what Gordon was able to do in 14 games with Brian Hoyer/Brandon Weeden/Jason Campbell throwing him the ball and think that he's not an elite player...I don't know what to tell you. He led the league in receiving...in 2 less games than practically every other leading receiver. For the BROWNS who had no running game to speak of themselves and had a different QB every month.