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    Re: 25 Top-Paid Athletes in the World

    Quote Originally Posted by Ngata Da Vida View Post
    I have to believe that if you included endorsement money, the list would be radically different, and Joe (or Matt Ryan, for that matter) might not even be on it.
    And some athletes who are retired would be high on it.... Jordan for one, and I wonder how much a George Foreman grill is worth ;)
    (Madden 25 anyone?)
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    Re: 25 Top-Paid Athletes in the World

    Quote Originally Posted by Uli2001 View Post
    In ALL cases, of which there were plenty, ESPN used alphabetical order to list the names, EXCEPT in the case of Flacco and Ryan. Somehow, they HAD to put Ryan ahead of Flacco. Revealing.
    Lol, that's an interesting observation. Tempted to say it's just us being insecure but the coincidence does give me pause.

    Pretty odd seeing Flacco so many spots ahead of Manning.
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    Re: 25 Top-Paid Athletes in the World

    Mayweather has to be one of the greatest athletes of all time. What a champ


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