I would first state that I think there's a LOT more improvement that can be had from this offense, and it starts with the line.

However, most of the discussions on the offense focuse on total yards. This can be a very misleading statistic and currently we are in the lower trenches of the league (we are 28 out of 32 and last year were 24th in the league). Other components besides yards are important -- ball control, points scored, lack of turnovers is also very important and we have done a better on some of those fronts than last year (especially turnovers).

If you look at some of the other "more balanced" views of our offense's statistics a different picture emerges:

Aikman efficiency ratings -- we are 19th in the league (last year 24) (FYI -- our defense is #1 on that stat) http://www.nfl.com/news/story/9702543

Football outsiders ratings -- we are 20th in the league (last year 27th)

What we need to hope is that the offense can improve enough to be in the top 1/2 of the league -- above 16th on these more balanced statistics to make it a lot easier on the defense. Don't think there's any realistic chance that we'll be in the top 1/3 or top 10 this year because of the line (and the gamble that the FO took with the line) but think there's a realistic shot of us improving our execution to get in the top 15.