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EDIT BECAUSE THIS NEEDS TO BE EXPLAINED: Nobody knows yet if that woman even had sex that night, consensual or not.
well the rape kit should know, but they havent released that yet. I dont disagree that nothing is really pointing to them being guilty other than her not being able to remember if anything did or did not happen, hence the investigation.

there is a lot unknown in this case which is why I dont think anybody should be (which I dont think they are) saying theyre guilty, but its brought up a conversation that goes outside this case, imo, even if mny are using it as an example. because things like this...

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Going to a party with 3 men alone, one of which she has had sexual relations with in the past lowers her credibility. That she cannot remember anything that happens lowers her credibility.
... does not make sense. It doesnt lower credibility that she went to a party with people she knew or at one time had a sexual relation with. Not remembering doesnt lower her creditability. these things have 0 effect on what took place after she blacked out. Its an incident report and not a sexual assault because theyre simply investigating what did happen. Theyre treating the investigation as sexual assault probably mostly due to her being naked and the state of mind she was in when the police arrived.

They dont have to be guilty for alot of the mentality in this thread to be simply unjustified. saying Anti rape but first thought being to criticize the victim is a pro-rape sentiment, which i dont think some agree with/understand. Theres certainly some out there that abuse the system but its a minority and should be treated as such. shes not behind the investigation or saying they did anything yet first thought is to criticize her. I dont think people are arguing that theyre guilty, theyre arguing with the thought that its somehow her fault, or a situation she brought onto herself. a lot of generalizations being thrown around.