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Have you not been around guys who go to each other's apartments, pour shots, then someone invents some sort of "requirement" that first everybody has to do a bong hit? Or some other dumb stunt? That's pretty standard party behavior everywhere.

People over-do it and pass out. Happens a lot. Girls, and guys. In college, many a poor fellow has woken up with magic marker on his face, or perhaps even a missing eyebrow.

Even if she had, as you say, "planned on putting out", plans do change. If she felt sick and had to lie down, and didn't want to "put out" anymore, what right does anyone have to unilaterally decide to go ahead with it anyway?

Seriously, some of you guys have me hoping my daughters grow up to be lesbians. No fricking way I want them mixing with your offspring if that's all the wisdom you have to offer.
This ....

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this thread has a lot of pro-rape sentiment. No wonders woman are usually afraid to come forward after such instances. Immediately its her fault and a money grab... despite her being blacked out and fondled. that makes sense.

What girl goes to a house of a guy shes already banged and not expect to fuck him again?...seriously?

So every girl ive ever had sex with is just suppose to assume if were in the same room that shes going to fuck me again? That is one of the most bizarre thought processes ive ever heard. it might be assumed by the men in question, but its not about them. why does her hanging out with them mean that was her intent from the start? Its as if were talking about men as unstoppable sexual predators when you say a woman cant expect to hang out with men without expecting sex. We may think about sex all the time as men, but that doesnt mean we should be expected to not have self control.

consent isnt about past or future its about present. in this moment does she consent. Being passed out kind of makes that difficult.

As far as the story goes, im not sure what went down. more i hear the more it sounds like its more out of fear of what could have than necessarily what did as far as the investigation, because she literally doesnt know what happened. If she did just pass out and he groped her, thats still sexual assault, but if he did stop at that, im not sure thats classified as rape, im not entirely sure of where rape starts.
And this.

I am going to assume some of the knuckle-dragging neanderthals here are simply trying to be message board funny and are not serious with the crap they've been saying about women.