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    Re: I honestly think the Ravens should double-dip at WR this year

    Davante Adams clocked in the high 4.4's at his pro-day today.
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    Re: I honestly think the Ravens should double-dip at WR this year

    Quote Originally Posted by bmorecareful View Post
    I see almost nothing special about Lee on tape, frankly. Quickness/suddenness/explosiveness doesn't stand out. His acceleration and long speed are both average particularly for his size and body type. His hands are not special; he frequently allows the ball into his body and doesn't have "pluck" hands under any circumstances. His route running is unrefined and I was shocked by how rarely he broke tackles. For a small, "shifty" receiver this guy very rarely gets unschemed/unblocked YAC. All in all, I don't see a 1st round guy based on 2013 tape.

    Lee's 2012 tape was obviously better but what I see often is a guy that is schemed into very favorable scenarios, not a guy whose individual talent made him unstoppable. He was often lined up in the backfield, in motion, etc. but never really demonstrated the ability to win on the outside. It's OK to be a slot guy if you project to be dominant at that position in the NFL but I don't see how Lee will be. I dunno, I might be missing something.
    If you're a GM, you're drafting Lee based on last season's tape, not this season's. I mean, a guy with knee and ankle issues all season is not going to look his most quick and explosive.

    He doesn't have elite hands, but they're above average, and I don't think you'll find a better receiver in this draft at making players miss in the open field. He plays very similarly to DeSean Jackson. He doesn't have quite the explosive speed, but he's bigger, and much more advanced as a receiver. I also think his route-running is near the top of the class and with the fluidity in his hips, that's only going to get stronger. I can see why he was evaluated as an 'athlete' as a high school prospect. He could have made a hell of a cover-corner.

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    Re: I honestly think the Ravens should double-dip at WR this year

    Quote Originally Posted by Brien Jackson View Post
    Comparing Ebron to Dickson is ridiculous.

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