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    Putin kicks OBYs ass in Ukrane

    After giving a limp warning to Putin that was even pathetic by OBYs standards, Putin invades the Ukrane with his crack Storm Troopers causing complete kaos and alarm while OBY parties and declares happy hour-lol calling it an "uncontested arrival not an invasion."

    Phone and internet services have been disrupted not to mention important thing like food, clothing and shelter.

    Now Kerry comes out with a few more limp warnings about sanctions vs Russian and this and that and Putin laughs and says it will boomerang back to the U.S and puts his troops on the move again.

    Condi Rice said Putin is playing chess and exploiting OBY.

    Elsewhere, Palin got it right. She said Russia would invade Ukrane if OBY were elected.

    There's a new fear of Putin trying to re-start the Cold War and make Russia a top super power again while he denies it. All this ass kicking after everything OBY did for him like slashing Pentagon budgets and reducing our military to his advantage.

    No wodner Putin is laughing at OBY.!!
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