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Aaron Wilson: Good evening, everyone. Ready for your questions.

Dont Know: How will the Ravens deal with BJ? Cut him? Give him a 3rd chance? Are there any precedents?

Aaron Wilson: They won't cut him, at least not during the season. He's a true asset to the special teams, so it makes no sense to cut him. Remember, he won't necessarily be automatically suspended for four games until his case is adjudicated in the Maryland court system.

Until that happens, the NFL is likely to withhold punishment.

It does seem like he's due for a four-game suspension and/or a significant fine. The Ravens are likely to offer him counseling. Especially in light of this being his second DUI arrest.

RockyMRaven: Aaron, in view of BJ Sams' recent stupidity, the FO is looking like a bunch of geniuses for keeping Cory Ross on the active roster. Do you think they anticipated something like this?

Aaron Wilson: As far as keeping Cory Ross, it was mostly because they liked him and saw promise in him, not because they were forecasting a second B.J. Sams DUI. Let's not get carried away with conspiracy theories. The Ravens aren't puppet masters pulling strings.

They are happy with Sams' play, but obviously this is a major concern. Don't expect anyone to criticize him publicly. I doubt he'll apologize, since he didn't want to talk about his prior DUI, which he basically beat with probation before judgment outcome.

Fanman: When will Musa Smith and Mike Anderson see more carries? Jamal is not getting the job done so far.

Aaron Wilson: Musa Smith and Mike Anderson might not be able to run behind this type of blocking, either. I do agree that Jamal Lewis' running has been substandard, though. He hasn't demonstrated his old burst and his tackle-breaking is pretty much nonexistent.

Expect him to be relieved soon enough in short-yardage if he continues to fail. Those 3rd-and-1 and 4th-and-1 situations are critical and he's not busting through the line of scrimmage.

hurting: Have you heard any specific plans for the O-line going forward without Ed.

Aaron Wilson: Jason Brown is immediately the starter at left guard for the remainder of the season. If he does well, expect him to be groomed as a future starter on the interior line even when Edwin returns next year. Keep in mind that could be at center or right guard as well in place of Mike Flynn or Keydrick Vincent.

Fanman says: When will Demetrius Williams see more time...he seems like he could be a deep threat?

Aaron Wilson: I think they should be employing more three wide receiver sets immediately especially in light of the running game averaging under 100 yards per game and ranking 23rd in the league in rushing average. Williams can run after the catch and is explosive as a leaper downfield.

He deserves to play more and get at least three or four touches per game.

I don't know when that will happen, though.

Fanman: How much of the playbook does McNair feel comfortable with at this point?

Aaron Wilson: I can't put an exact percentage on it. He knows all the verbiage, as Brian Billick calls it, but the greater question is how comfortable is he with the nuances and personnel. At times, good enough. At others, not nearly enough.

He's a work in progress, but his reduced mobility and arm strength take away some of his natural gifts and are holding back his productivity.

That said, he's an upgrade over what had been under center here for years.

I wouldn't get too picky.

RockyMRaven: Aaron, do you think our D is going to be able to mount a good pass rush on Plummer? If we let him sit back there, he could pick us apart.

admin: Going to the game RMR?

RockyMRaven: Yep. Can't wait

Aaron Wilson: I think they will have some trouble getting him down not only because of his offensive line and superior maximum protection schemes, but also his mobility. Plummer is an extremely good athlete who can give defenses trouble with his speed.

Remember, this is the most experienced quarterback the Ravens have played yet.

Is he perfect? Obviously not, but he's a skilled player who's capable of getting on a roll. Very streaky, though

Which Jake Plummer will show up for Monday Night Football is my question?

Dont Know: You stated earlier "when Edwin returns next year.Ē has he stated publicly that he will be back (I havenít seen any such quote)? Did he consider retirement at all?

Aaron Wilson: He's not retiring. He had a good surgery and he'll rehab it and give it another try in all likelihood. I haven't even heard a whisper about him retiring and he hasn't indicated any thoughts toward hanging up his cleats.

RockyMRaven: How about Sam Koch's tackle? And he just trotted back on the field as if it was all in a day's work. Could be dangerous?

Aaron Wilson: Sam Koch is a tough kid, but he might not want to make a living as an extra linebacker. Eventually, you'll get yourself hurt that way.

Then, you might see Leo Araguz or Micah Knorr on fourth down.

The players and coaches were impressed by his hit. Alas, ESPN didn't take notice. They should have put him on Jacked Up!

admin: What is the team doing to specifically address the weak running game?

Aaron Wilson: Brian Billick offered nothing in the way of specifics when I asked him that directly on Monday. All he said was the team needed to have a better plan, better running and better blocking. That gives you about as much information and enlightenment as it did me, which is to say nothing, zilch.

I'm sure they're going to explore some more off-tackle and counters to try to get something going.

Dont Know: Did the move away from the bruising fullback to, I guess, halfbacks hurt the running game more than they anticipated coming into the season?

Aaron Wilson: I think the shift away from I-formation football has hurt the running game. Jamal Lewis was accustomed to nothing but the I-formation and Alan Ricard. I don't think it's a coincidence that he struggles in one-back and H-back looks.

Fanman: They keep saying Jamal can't get outside..if that's true then why does Musa sit all game long?

Aaron Wilson: As far as Musa Smith, remember how loyal to a fault Brian Billick is with starters.

RockyMRaven: The Broncos are saying that to be the best, they need to beat the best. That's our D they're talking about. I think this is going to be even more of a test for us than the Chargers game was. Are the Ravens going to be paying special attention to how good?

Aaron Wilson: This is a more challenging game than San Diego. Denver has a better secondary and a more balanced offense.

They have more explosive wide receivers and better quarterback play and much better coaching with Mike Shanahan superior to Marty Schottenheimer.

RockyMRaven: Yes. That was the last part of what I was trying to write - to how good their secondary is

Aaron Wilson: The Broncos' speed in the secondary is what separates them from other defenses. I think Larry Coyer is an underrated defensive coordinator, too.

Fanman: Will Bisciotti pressure Billick if the O continues to struggle?

Aaron Wilson: I don't think Steve Bisciotti has a problem with what's going on as long as the team is winning and the locker room isn't fractured.

When losses mount along with back-channel complaints that seem legitimate from respected players, then Brian Billick might want to be on his P's and Q's.

Dont Know: Both Brian Billick and Steve McNair have said that they need to do better jobs in the first half, particularly these last two games. Is it just a question of execution or is Billick being outcoached when it comes to preparation, but works wonders in halftime.

Aaron Wilson: I think the offensive game plan is too conservative and the offensive line isn't good enough. I also think Steve McNair has been far too erratic. Plus, the running game has crumbled.

All of those factors combine to create an offense that only ranks ahead of Cleveland, Houston, Oakland, etc..28th overall.

Fanman: Didn't we sign an O-lineman today?

Aaron Wilson: Former Redskins practice squad guy. Not a big deal.

Eighth out of eight linemen on the active roster.

RockyMRaven: I would certainly have to agree with you. Do you think it's possible for the offense to break out in this game, or is that still a long way away?

Aaron Wilson: I think they might be able to get back to the efficient football you saw from them in the season opener against Tampa Bay. I don't think they're capable of much more.

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