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    Sex trafficking and the Super Bowl

    Thought this was an interesting read that's relevant to the times:

    New York is preparing for the droves of people who will make their way to MetLife Stadium for Super Bowl XLVIII on Sunday, but city and federal officials are focusing on more than just football fans attending the event.

    These officials are preparing for what has become the largest annual human-trafficking event in the United States, working with transportation providers to identify and rescue victims of the sinister enterprise.


    Shared Hope International reports that underage sex workers average 6,000 clients over the course of five years, and are typically instructed to serve between 10 and 15 clients per night. However, reports confirm that girls have served as many as 45 clients in a day during peak demand times, which includes major sports events.

    In an effort to raise public awareness around the issue, the Department of Homeland Security has engaged other federal agencies, foreign governments and police officials to alert the public to be on the lookout for suspected traffickers and their victims.

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    Re: Sex trafficking and the Super Bowl

    It's a myth often repeated during these "major" events.

    At best it is law enforcement agencies and groups against so-called "sex trafficking" trying to drum-up publicity to make it seem like they are doing an important service.

    At worst, taxpayer dollars and law enforcement resources are wasted on a "threat" that, by the evidence, just doesn't exist.


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