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Thread: Shayne Skov

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    Shayne Skov

    So I just finished watching his game vs Oregon, I came away EXTREMELY impressed. I always knew this guy was a really good prospect, but not that good. I have a 2nd round grade on him, but he will likely fall into the 3rd rd because of his position. He also seems to be under the radar for whatever reason. I'd take him in the 3rd rd, and have him play the run thumping role next to Arthur Brown who would play the WILL athletic role. He is the type of player Ozzie would covet, he makes splash plays, makes big hits all over the field, and just great in run defense.

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    Re: Shayne Skov

    I think he's a better mike linebacker prospect than say Bynes or McClain.

    Skov is excellent against the run, but he is so-so in space.

    He would be a nice compliment to Arthur Brown.

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    Re: Shayne Skov

    Oh god yes: Skov and Brown.

    Skov was also the team leader in that the team really did rally around him. If there's a defender in the draft who "plays like a Raven" it's Skov.

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    Re: Shayne Skov

    Been a big skov fan for a while now, guy is a stud. His counterpart Trent Murphy is also a very good player, would love to see either one on the ravens next year


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