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    OT: inside job??

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    Re: OT: inside job??

    I guess he doesn't know the FDIC insures up to $250,000 in bank accounts now... Bc

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    Re: OT: inside job??

    I am assuming most of that figure was in the jewelry. If it was cash, then the police may need to be watching Mr. Jackson a little more closely...

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    Re: OT: inside job??

    These guys are targets. Not surprised.

    Any fool with an internet connection can find out where these guys live. Then it's just a matter of knowing when he's gone and the NFL schedule will do that for you.
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    Re: OT: inside job??

    $250k was cash, the other $125k was jewelry.

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    Re: OT: inside job??

    Quote Originally Posted by BcRaven View Post
    I guess he doesn't know the FDIC insures up to $250,000 in bank accounts now... Bc
    $250k per account is insured. So he could have a number of accounts with $250k or less in each and they would be insured.

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    Re: OT: inside job??

    I assume Jackson is not involved in some sort of scam; if so, screw him, otherwise I feel kinda badly for the guy.

    OTOH, I had to laugh when I read this from the linked item--

    "Jackson was in Miami from Monday until Saturday, a fact he made public via his Twitter account."

    All I could think of was the Farmer's insurance TV commercial -- to paraphrase, "Off to Miami!"


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