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wins can be misleading which is why I focused on playoff entries. Hypo:

Div A:

30 wins, 2 playoff teams

Div B:

34 wins. 1 playoff team.

Which is the tougher division? I have to pick the one that sent two playoff teams.
Div B is tougher. It had more wins. It had a better "best" team, and a better "worst" team. That Div A sent two teams to the playoffs is a result of having a worse "best" team and a worse "worst" team. So the division runner up has a greater chance of splitting with the division winner, and a greater chance of sweeping the worst team in their division, and hence a greater chance of being a game better (in terms of WC) than the 2nd place team in Div B.

And this debate is regarding the comparison of the "best" teams in each division (i.e. that NE supposedly has it easier). NE simply dominating its division more than the AFC North's winner does, doesn't necessarily say anything about the quality of the 2nd thru 4th teams of each division. For that you need to see the records out of the division, and the AFC East actually has been better than the North most years (and since 2002, and since 2008, and last year).