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It isn't just that stats don't tell the whole story in terms of Chandler, it is that Chandler is going to get paid. I still have no clue why he entered the discussion as a price-point comparison since he is a FA as well and is going to get paid as well.

This is another issue where I am hearing some totally hypocritical, Jekyll and Hyde arguments.... "Boldin is too expensive, anyone will do" to "Joe has no weapons, we need Pitta healthy" to "give Pitta multiple millions like he has earned? No way, let's settle for an unproven rookie or cheaper gamble like Fred Davis."

As for paying extra for "chemistry," I agree it logically makes some sense, but only if we are talking about a very small amount. And it also works both ways, where Pitta should want to take a bit less to keep the chemistry and not have to uproot his life and make new friends, etc. So maybe the "chemistry" factor ends up being a wash, where we just refrain from expecting a hometown discount.

We'll see what Pitta gets paid and where, but I don't think it will be a very low 1-year "prove it" deal. Someone will offer him a multi-year deal for at least $3.5M-4M per, imo. Probably $4M per. Of course, depending on the structure and guarantee, (small guarantee, back-loaded final years), that may not mean much.
It is possible that some peoples minds have been changed since watching how they were unable to replace Boldin.

Boldin and Flacco showed great chemistry in the playoffs but they hadn't shown a consistent connection similar to Pitta before then. Many assumed that the Ravens would probably draft/sign one receiver to try to replace Q. Which they didn't.

Also these become stacked losses. When you just let Q go then it's easier to say that we can replace him. Well we didn't replace him. Now were gonna replace Pitta? It's time to start adding pieces not replacing them.