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    Re: Ravens/Chargers on NFL Network tonight

    wow my directv has only gome out on me once and that was for about 3 minutes.

    When I used to have cable it would go out ffor hours at a time.

    that excuse abouit goes out is total b.s. it is far more reliable then cable

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    Re: Ravens/Chargers on NFL Network tonight

    When it storms, my DirecTV will go out too. I think much depends on if you have a clear shot to the satellite.

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    Re: Ravens/Chargers on NFL Network tonight

    You'd think they could fix that problem with it being the year 2006 and all...

    I guess Mother Nature wins again...

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    Re: Ravens/Chargers on NFL Network tonight

    The guy next store has DirecTV, but everytime it storms or whatever, his system goes out & he wants to come over here to watch the away games.
    This is a poor set up. I know somebody who can fix that. If your neighbor wants the help I can PM you the info.

    You should only lose signal for a few minutes when a thunderstorm gets directly between you and the satellite, if you lose signal more often than that you had a bad install.


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