Well, they did end up the SB 3 times in the past 7 years or so. I would think more than any other team has in a long time in such as short span of time. So yes, that would catch up to any team, the Steelers included. The last time they went to the playoffs was two years ago, and they lost to Tebow who earned the win. It is my contention that if that game is played ten times, the Steelers win 9 of those.

I never said they were "competitive." I clearly explained in my post they were on he decline and it is my opinion they have a short amount of time before the real retooling begins. I also stated that they could drop some big names. And as far as restructuring, who did they restructure this past year? Please provide me with that list.

And as I explained in my reply to the OP, Worilds has a limited resume. Sure, his stats are hot, but that is a short run. I think he will test FA, see the moderate offers that he is offered, and stick with Steelers with whom he is familiar. That is what seems to be the current scuttlebutt.

And why are you so sure the Ravens will be in contention next year? Is that based on this year? If so, I give the Steelers just as much a chance as the Ravens, if not a little more. Roethlisberger is having a great year and for I think the second time, seems to have played a full year. The OL is coming together, and the offense as a whole is scoring points.

I sense hostility from you, and I don't get it - and it is obvious either you did not read my post or chose to ignore my points. Regardless, I will contribute to yours. Yes, the Browns, if they manage to land a competent QB could be in serious contention for the AFC next year.

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Seriously this is seriously funny in it's outrageousness. Pittsburgh used to be good at managing it's cap. Somewhere towards the end of the last decade however they lost all cap dicipline when they started throwing restructured and extended contracts all over the place as if acting like Daniel Snyder would point to success-unlike a Daniel Snyder team.

Pittsburgh has been in cap jail for a few years now and will continue to be there for a few more years. Their cap problems have taken them out of serious contention in the AFC North. When was the last time they made the playoffs? Oh yeah when they lost to the Tebows three years ago. It will be at least three more years before they get their shit together to contend again. They are needing to shed core players and since they are cap strapped they don;t have adequate replacements. Worilds' would be insane to take a moderate contract with the Steelers especially seeing inferior players like Kruger and Ellerbe cash in last year to a tune that Pittsburgh can't match. Restructuring the likes of Timmons and Brown will once again just be kicking their cap problems down the line ensuring more years of non-competitiveness.

Losing the likes of declining but still core players due solely to cap issues like Polamalu, Taylor, and Kiesel without having ready replacements does not make a competitive team. If that's what you think is acceptable then welcome to Pallookaville. Population: you.

For the forseeable future our division has Cincy with (hopefully) the Ravens fighting it out for the title. If the Clowns can get any sort of QB in the draft then their chances of joining the Big 2 are way better than Pittsburgh's.