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    Re: Game Thread Patriots @ Ravens 12/22

    Our best hope is probably NJY knocking off MIA.

    I just really don;t want the Steelers to get in. They will get in and fuck around and win the SB.

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    Re: Game Thread Patriots @ Ravens 12/22

    I can't stand Ihedigbo, one of the worst Ravens tacklers I've ever seen. All bark no bite

  3. Re: Game Thread Patriots @ Ravens 12/22

    Outcoached. Outplayed. Outclassed.

    8-8, sounds about right for this team.

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    Re: Game Thread Patriots @ Ravens 12/22

    Quote Originally Posted by NC Raven View Post
    Still have not diversified the passing attack enough. Still too vertical, not enough underneath. I know Pitta missed most of the year, but you should be able to plug guys into your system, and we still are not at that point. Flacco needs more short drops, quick release throws, and I have no idea why we can't/don't / won't put them in the playbook. This game was crying out for that, and it was nowhere to be found. Really have to wonder why that is. We may be the only team in the NFL that doesn't check into slants against zero cover, for example. I just don't get it.
    This is the single biggest change that this team needs. It HAS to be done.

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    Re: Game Thread Patriots @ Ravens 12/22

    Quote Originally Posted by Hammerhead View Post
    At least we shouldn't get a "we did some good things kust not enough of them" press conference
    No doubt. I didn't see much in the way of positives, and I don't think" we just need to execute a little better" is going to cut it after this one.

    However, I do believe they need to move on FAST from this one. Games like this are not part of this team's DNA, and we need to bounce back with a win -- playoffs or not -- next week. Can't go out like this.

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    Re: Game Thread Patriots @ Ravens 12/22

    Tyron's career passing stats are fucking dogshit and it all comes against backups and in garbage time or on trick plays he should have an element of surprise benefit on. He is not a backup who has any chance to help this team win. We need a new OC... A fucking REAL offensive coordinator. Caldwell is not and never was the man for that job. Fire him tomorrow morning and let's shop for a REAL one this offseason. No fucking around with whoever our interim guy would be. Just let it go. We need someone with an ear tuned to the modern NFL. We need someone who makes the players better. Our coaches make our players much, much worse than they actually are.


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