Not the strongest of classes for backs this year, but there are some nice options to look at. I'm not saying take one with one of our top two picks, but with Rice severely slowing down, Pierce having a sophomore slump (and very prone to injury), we should be looking at an explosive back for this offense imo. We should take WR, TE, or OL (depending on what we do in FA), before we get another HB, but say we land a big TE and WR in the first two rounds, whats to stop us completely upgrading the offense by taking a back who can contribute from day 1 in the 3rd rd? Cincy did the same last year when they took Bernard, and he has been an absolute stud in his rookie year.

If we go this direction, we should be looking at a smaller scat back type player, not a power runner as Pierce is kind of already that (although we totally use him wrong, having him run too many stretch plays, when he should be the one pounding the ball up the middle, which is what they do with Rice and fail nearly all the time). So what are everyone's thoughts on Ka'Deem Carey out of Arizona? I have a 2nd rd grade on him currently, but because of value, lack of size, and the devaluation of the position, I expect him to drop into the 3rd rd, where we could make moves to get him.