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    Re: Joe Flacco: A Career

    Im not a doctor, but I would believe we will know a lot more in the morning when Joe sees how the knee feels after sleeping and the adrenalin wears off...lets all hope it feels better

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    Re: Joe Flacco: A Career

    we like button, keep peyton manning too, all them a great REGULAR season QBs Joe just wins he don't even have much to work with and he gets the job done.

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    Re: Joe Flacco: A Career

    Quote Originally Posted by bt12483 View Post
    you can have romo and stafford and their stats. give me a QB that rises up even when hurt and puts his team in a position to win.
    This times a million

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    Re: Joe Flacco: A Career

    Quote Originally Posted by arnie_uk View Post
    That's going to be awful with our oline. Never wore a brace but it has to restrict your movement, otherwise the wearing if one is pointless.

    Brace yourselfs for a lot of sacks.
    We are playing the Patriots...who are minus Wilfork and have a pretty anemic pass rush from what I saw against Miami.

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    Re: Joe Flacco: A Career

    I could be wrong... but while a knee brace effects RG3, Cooley, etc... those guys are runners and cutters. Joe is pretty straight ahead when he scrambles and not a lot of lateral movement. We'll see. I worry less about the movement and more about the planting and accuracy of his throws. We've seen his throws sail in the past when he was injured... We need our running game. How's Pierce's hand?

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    Re: Joe Flacco: A Career

    The way that I see it, I think that it's very hard to put up TD's without any kind of a run game. You need to keep guys in the box so that you can find some open receivers. You can move down the field and get some yards, but it's hard to punch it in the end zone without getting some mismatches.

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    Re: Joe Flacco: A Career

    Quote Originally Posted by CBSSports
    Note to self: win the Super Bowl before signing a monster contract. That way when you're average you won't get criticized. It's been the case with Joe Flacco throughout this entire season. People in Baltimore will tell you he catches plenty of ... flak, but no one's talking about what a bad deal his contract looks like right now.

    Year G QBrec Cmp% Yds TD Int Y/A Y/G Rate Sk 4QC GWD
    2012 16 10-6-0 59.7 3817 22 10 7.2 238.6 87.7 35 4 4
    2013 13 7-6-0 59.4 3238 18 17 6.6 249.1 77.0 41 1 3
    Career 93 61-32-0 60.4 20871 120 73 7.0 224.4 84.8 215 10 15
    Provided by View Original Table
    Generated 12/16/2013.

    Obviously that's before Monday night's stats, but it's not like Flacco played well. He was 20 of 38 with 222 yards on the night against a pretty porous Lions pass defense.

    Flacco has been nothing more than average this year. And he might not care. But if you're writing the $120,000,000 checks you could potentially be concerned, even if he has a lack of weapons this season.
    People just don't get it. Anyone who watched the game last night knows that Joe didn't have many places to go with the ball, was facing a tremendous pass rush, and yes, while Justin Tucker was absolutely amazing, we're not in position to kick those field goals without Joe making some incredible downfield throws. It certainly wasn't because of the running game.

    People just look at the box score and start writing. But at the end of the day, Joe and this team just keep on coming. He just keeps winning games and nothing they say will take that away.

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    Re: Joe Flacco: A Career

    Quote Originally Posted by esporter113 View Post
    People just don't get it. People just look at the box score and start writing.

    Yep... numbers out of context. Numbers don't measure timing of when the plays happen and what the results are. Media can go back to focusing in the Cowboys and blowing Tony Romo... While Flacco pulls out improbable and historic wins, week after week.

    and... Who the hell is "CBSSports"?

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    Re: Joe Flacco: A Career

    And add the Fantasy Football Focus podcast to this. Matthew Berry (the Talented Mister Roto) said about the game:

    "Flacco didn't play well last night."

    It's toeing the line here because their job on that show is to talk about Fantasy Football, but it's representative of the entire NFL landscape at this point. They didn't say "Flacco had a bad fantasy night". They said he didn't play well. What people don't seem to understand anymore is that playing well doesn't always or only manifest itself in 300 yd 3 TD games. Sometimes just making great throws in the clutch is what it takes.

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    Re: Joe Flacco: A Career

    Still wacko for Flacco. Joe is silently breaking the records that take you to post season.That's all that matters to Flacco and the Ravens FO.Screw stats.


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