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Thread: TE or WR

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    Re: TE or WR

    Quote Originally Posted by PalladinInNC View Post
    I agree with you 100%. It's a minor miracle that Joe has not suffered a major injury to knock him out for the year yet. He can't be expected to keep this up much longer without better OL support. I don't want to hear about getting a better offensive scheme or different OL coaches. He still needs better players up front.

    Whether we keep Monroe or not, they need another Tackle and not pin their hopes on Wagner who was a low level pick. They also need another Guard available and not hope that Jensen will pan out, KO will come back completely from "back" surgery or Yanda will not be either a cap casualty or start to break down with age.

    For once this draft is loaded with OT talent both right and left. It also is loaded with OGs and there will be a number of top receivers in the 2nd round to pick from also.

    Look at what happened to teams like the Packers this year and teams like the Bears and Steelers in years past with weak OLs. Their QBs got killed!

    Get Joe a top notch OT or Guard first and worry about receiver or TE later. Heck, the Ravens could possibly trade down to later in the first round and get a good O lineman and maybe an additional 2nd or 3rd rounder or both and take care of TE, receiver, free safety, ILB or DL needs in those rounds or later.

    It's not rocket science. Usually, teams may want to draft a QB first, but smart teams always build the OL and DL first.
    And how often does this happen?
    I agree. Take care of the O-Line first.

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    Re: TE or WR

    Quote Originally Posted by bmorecareful View Post
    All of those guys are way better athletes than CJ Fiedorowicz. It's not all about speed, it's also about quickness, agility, and explosion. Fiedorowicz has none of that. He is so, so slow-footed and he can't really run routes. He can't change directions, so he'll never be able to run a full route tree from the TE position.

    Again, the guy is what he is: a 6th offensive lineman. And he's very good in that role. But drafting a 6th OL with your 3rd round pick is ridiculous, especially when that guy isn't actually a mismatch. A mismatch TE is a guy who is too big to be covered by a DB and too fast to be covered by a LB. In the NFL, teams will defend Fiedorowicz with a base LB and will be successful, because Fiedorowicz is slower and less athletic than most NFL LBs.
    height is a mismatch. I dont think Wickeds saying hes a guy that can beat you on every level, but dont undervalue size and catch radius, especially in the redzone. If he can sheild with his body even remotely (being a bball player suggests he can) hell have a good chance of being a threat in man coverage in those scenarios and certainly in zones regardless of his other abilities (as long as he can read a defense). you dont draft him to be Pittas role, you draft him for his strengths, which arent necessarily a vertical threat or slot WR. Hes a blocking TE with Redzone capabilities and good hands to be able to take advantage of zone coverage. late 3rd, that could be value depending on the draft. Personally I think hes an upgarde over dickson (a 3rd rounder that we used mostly in a blocking role), despite dickson having a tremendous athletic ability. hell be a better blocker and I think hes better at catching. Ill admit Dickson had more upside due to that athletic ability but that doesnt mean he doesnt warrant consideration at 3 and beyond.

    I still think people are undervaluing his athletic ability because hes a long strider. Ive seen video of him out running LBs. Maybe not NFL caliber LBs but that suggests he does have some speed. In and out of his breaks may be another story but I think you can work with him and his size. ill be interested to see his combine workout. 3 cone and 40 should go a long way in saying what hes capable of being.


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