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    TE or WR

    Both are big needs in the offseason, regardless of whether Pitta or Jacoby are re-signed. Due to the cap situation, its one or the other, and I think its much more likely that Pitta returns. Even with Pitta re-signed, I see TE as a big position of need, as we have nobody behind him that can realistically come in from day 1 and contribute in this offense. We have more options at WR, and a host of potentially good players. Torrey Smith is Torrey Smith, and it looks as though Marlon Brown has a nice future, I honestly think his upside is Plaxico Burres (before shooting him self lol). Behind that, without Jacoby, there are more question marks. Will Deonte ever live up to that preseason hype? He has at least made plays when he's had the chance, I don't think its over for him yet, but he needs to stay healthy. Has Tandon Doss reached his limit in the NFL? If this is his limit, he doesn't really belong on this roster IMO.

    If we take one of the big athletic TEs in the first two rounds, t he offense could run a two TE set based offense, and would kind of negate that need for a 3rd WR, and you could simply have Deonte play that role as the 3rd WR/KR to replace Jacoby. I think with the way the NFL is headed, having two big TEs with miss matches over the middle, is overall better for the offense in terms of moving the ball, scoring points in the redzone etc... Another reason to go for a TE is because Ozzie obviously has a much better track record of drafting TEs than he does wide outs. We have a significantly better chance of landing someone who can contribute from day 1 at TE, than we do drafting a WR. With where we're likely picking, you're elite receivers will be gone (Sammy Watkins, Mike Evans). On the other hand, there's a very good chance one of the top 3 elite TEs will be available (Ebron, Amaro, Seferian-Jenkins). Those guys, IMO, have a much better chance at succeeding in the NFL than a Marquise Lee does for example.

    So what do you guys think? Is TE the way to go? Whoever your prefer out of Evans to Watkins, or Amaro over Ebron, which position are you taking with your top two draft picks?
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